247forexpro.com Review: Scam Broker?

247forexpro.com is a website that claims to provide investors with a platform where they can trade Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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There is no evidence that a platform exists and this is the number one reason why it can’t compete with legitimate Crypto fund managers who have already established their track record.

247 Forex Pro does not disclose authentic company ownership details.

Instead, they use stock photos in their “top ranking account manager” section of the website.

It is clearly a doggy website with no real trading activities. If you want real trading, utilize our most recommended trading products and services.

247 Forex Pro website consists of a few other sections which include reasons why we should sign up in addition to awkward statements that describe what Bitcoin is.

247forexpro review

By now, everybody looking to invest in Cryptocurrencies already knows what Bitcoin is and does not need any further explanations.

At the same time, 247forexpro claims in their marketing statement that they are an award-winning Forex and Commodities broker.

We cannot verify this statement since it’s not even clear whether this broker offers self-trading or managed accounts.

247forexpro review

This website was registered in October 2019. It is exactly 1 year old yet no reviews or customer feedback are forthcoming.

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We find it a bit strange since the website is advertising that they offer “award winning” brokerage services yet not a single client has shown up with a testimonial.

With regards to what they offer, this company does not state clearly how things work once we sign up.

There is an FAQ page but our browser did not permit us to open it since there was a warning saying it is not safe to browse 247 Forex Pro website.

This is definitely a red flag. If the site owner does not mind about their visitors’ privacy, then it means the site could also harvest banking information and expose or sell it to hackers.

Is 247forexpro a scam?

This site is definitely fraudulent. They want investors to create an account and deposit some money.

We have actually figured out that once an investor creates an account, they are taken to a dashboard with an option to deposit in Cryptocurrencies.

This is obviously illegal because the company is proclaiming to provide a ROI at the end of the day when they are clearly not a licensed financial service.

When a broker is not licensed and does not bother to disclose their physical address either, it will mean that the website is attempting to commit fraud while remaining completely anonymous.


The reason our 247forexpro review is short is because this website actually has nothing to invest in.

There is no generating return on investment from the financial markets as this would be a blatant lie.

All they do is to run the business like a ponzi scheme. That is what 24 Forex Pro does.

If and if they decide to pay any ROI, it will be to attract more victims and this money would definitely be a small percentage of what is being collected from other victims.

This is why you should avoid 247forexpro at all cost.

2 Responses to “247forexpro.com Review: Scam Broker?”

  1. Ardians says:

    YES. it was SCAM

  2. Jarred says:

    SCAM Stay away , you will never see your money !

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