1pipstips.com Review (Forex Signals Service)

1pipstips.com (Pips Forex Trading Signals) is a signal and coaching service that uses Telegram to serve their subscribers.

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1pipstips.com is a very new service as it was created in May 2020. We suspect that they do not have any track record just yet.

The cost of subscription is $49/monthly or $139 quarterly. However, 1 Pips Tips has a one week trial that costs $9.

The owner of 1 Pips Tips is unknown and their website is very brief.

With just a few words, they believe that their website will convince subscribers to try their signals.

But this is not the case in a highly competitive industry.

1pipstips review

In fact, this service will find it quite difficult competing with more established trading services providers that have already built a strong track record and customer base.

Is 1pipstips legit?

We do not believe that the owner of this signal service has what it takes to consistently deliver profitable signals.

In fact, their website is just a joke. It is far from what one can expect from a signal vendor who plans to help traders in the long term.

They do not even have past performance on their website or anywhere else.

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It gives the impression that 1pips tips is operated by someone who attempted trading for a short while before deciding that selling signals was the most profitable thing.

However, we want to remind the owner of 1pips tips that this is a tough industry and his approach is not going to work.

We currently don’t know their trading strategy and content highlights of their coaching is unknown.

The way we see it is that traders are going to find it difficult even to subscribe for the weekly trial.


1pipstips does not have the seriousness of a good, profitable signal and trading coach provider.

Our conclusion is that you should not waste time trying these signals.

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