1000 Pip Climber System Review: Is it Scam or Myfxbook-verified?

Welcome to the 1000 Pip Climber System review. This 1000 Pip Climber System review is an in-depth analysis of the Forex trading system which is supposed to provide “exceptional performance”.

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The developer wants the trading community to know that their Forex system is “100% rules based”, thereby taking away guesswork since it does the analytics and provides entry, take profit and stop loss with every signal.

The 100 Pip Climber system was first launched in 2016. The vendor first created ClimberSystem.com and later pointed it to 1000pipclimbersystem.com. The tool in question is sold by a guy that goes by the name “Jim”.

Since the developer has not provided any background information concerning their trading experience, we’ll just assume that they’re programmer and marketers as opposed to professional traders.

On top of this, the owner of 1000 Pip Climber system does not provide their location or head office.

If traders want to contact them, they can use JimPCS@1000pipclimbersystem.com.

1000 pip climber system review myfxbook download

Therefore, today’s 1000 Pip Climber System review will look at the product and let the community know whether it’s a viable long term solution to trading the Forex market.

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1000 Pip Climber System review

Marketing materials on the website of 1000 Pip Climber system reveal that this tool is designed to analyze the FX market, looking for high probability price movements every time.

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The software also has the capability to relay signal alerts visually, audibly and also through email.

The developer feels that the 1000 Pip Climber System is the perfect solution for making traders succeed in the Forex marketplace.

This FX trading tool is basically an indicator and so it draws all the signals on the chart. It is mechanical, easy to follow and guarantees high level of performance as it’s been “designed for succeed”.

These claims are hard to believe unless we have myfxbook results to verify.

Most Forex indicators simply don’t attain the standards that these recommended trading tools have.

But the owner of 1000 Pip Climber system is actually daring us to take a careful look into this product to see whether it can actually be a perfect fit and potential candidate for our list of the best Forex products. 

This means we must look at the trading strategy to see whether the trading style is actually viable.

We just don’t want to rely on the promotional aspect of this project.

Trading strategy of the 1000 Pip Climber System

The vendor of this trading system wants the community to know that their tool is reliable and aims to achieve “consistently strong signals”.

Unfortunately, to prove the reliability which is being touted here, we need to look at the strategy of the FX indicator which is not available in detail.

Instead of going into the much needed details, the vendor has opted to concentrate on words such as “automatic detection”, “exceptional performance”, “all parameters are provided”, 100% rule based etc.

These words don’t paint a clear picture of what strategy the 100 Pip Climber system is using.

To actually sell an indicator like this one, the vendor will need to prove that their strategy is viable according to the current Forex market conditions.

We therefore urge this guy to consider providing additional details instead of blubbering with promotional statements that do not tell us how signals are generated.

Breakdown of the product

Of course it’s an indicator for trading Forex. This, we know. So we’ll focus on timeframe, pairs traded and pricing.

Time frame: M15, H1, H4


Pricing: $97

For $97, traders wanting to use this indicator can also expect to get a product that has successfully “netted 20,000 pips in the last 3 years and with minimal drawdown”.

This is a very bold statement to make and we assume that the developer of this indicator can back it with a third party statement sharing service like myfxbook.com.

1000 Pip Climber System myfxbook results

We must admit that their 20,000 pip achievement in 3 years is unverifiable.

They have included a myfxbook.com widget on their website to help us analyze trading results for this Forex indicator. We of course appreciate the inclusion of a myfxbook.com account and so our analysis begin here.

First off, the developer is using a demo Forex account which was created in October 2017.

Gains and absolute gains are standing at +36.55%. It is also worth noting that the 100 Pip Climber system is no longer trading this Forex account. Trading stopped in January of 2018.

While average monthly returns on this demo account was 11.52% and drawdown 4% only, we can say that this vendor is not putting his money where his mouth is, and it’s for very good reasons.

It shows that they lack confidence about their trading system. They don’t believe it can make money, hence the use of a demo account.

Secondly, the reason trading on this demo account was stopped is because they wanted to take a small sample of their “best results” for marketing purposes.

This contradicts the initial claim that “Jim” uses 1000 Pip Climber system to trade Forex on a frequent basis.

There is no evidence of that. The only thing we see here is that trading of their demo stopped.

They’ve never used it on a live account. This gives the impression that they’re focused on selling copies of the 1000 Pip Climber system as opposed to proving that their indicator is worth it.

Client Reviews and feedback

It’s surprising to see that this indicator has very positive feedback on the FPA forum.

This is not normal for a product whose vendor cannot verify trading results for.

We’re actually not sure whether these 1000 Pip Climber system reviews are from real consumers because reviews on this forum can actually be manipulated provided the vendor is hiring freelancers from different parts of the world to write reviews.

They can also do it provided they are switching IPs and creating multiple fake accounts on the FPA forum for purposes of marketing their product.

This is just our opinion but the other side of this assumption could be true. All we’re saying is that these reviews look too good to be true.


Before we can even consider the numerously positive 1000 Pip Climber System reviews from supposed clients, we need to see proper verified trading results and strategy behind the trading tool.

There’s no way a trading indicator can attract these reviews when the vendor is not even using it to trade a live account. We find this too good to be true.

Also, we need to see updated trading results as the current myfxbook account provided by this developer is basically giving the impression that the vendor is no longer interested in testing it.

Thanks for reading our 1000 Pip Climber system review. We’re not going to recommend or include this indicator in our list of the best Forex trading tools on the internet.

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