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You want to exchange Bitcoin for Ethereum, Dash, Dodge and so on? No problem. We are offering industry's lowest fees on transactions. We have been trusted to deliver the best service to our customers.

Other than making money with our investment accounts, you can easily buy or sell hundreds of coins on this platform. Whether you want NXT, Ethereum classic and other Cryptos, simply pay in Bitcoin or in US dollars and we will deliver the equivalent to your wallet. Just sign up and you will see how our user-friendly dashboard works. It takes minutes to buy or sell at the best rates in town.

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How our Managed Forex and Cryptocurrency investment accounts work?

This is how our managed investment accounts work; after creating an account, chose your investment plan (whether you want Bitcoin, Forex or stocks trading managed accounts) and then fund it with the equivalent amount. Wait for your profits to accumulate every day. Our experienced trade analysts will make profits for you everyday. You should expect up to 20% monthly returns in Forex trading and up to 50% monthly returns for Bitcoin. You can also withdraw your profits anytime since we do not have lock in periods

Services and Advantages we Provide

With our Forex and Crypto currency managed accounts, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits.

Data Protection

Your banking information is fully encrypted to ensure that hackers cannot find it. We treat your personal information with utmost secrecy.

Registered Company

We are a legal and fully registered company based in the US. We are authorized to offer managed Forex and Crypto accounts to investors from all across the globe.

Support 24/7

Our professional and friendly support is standby to help you with answering any questions you may have.

Payment Methods

We have integrated a variety of payments methods to make it easier for you to get started with our managed investment accounts.

How to Get Started with our managed trading accounts

Register on our site and fill in your profile details. Once you have created an account, choose your managed Forex and Crypto currency investment package according to your needs. Fund your account and sit back and relax. Collect your profits anytime. Our experienced trade analysts have years of experience, having worked at WallStreet and are now offering an opportunity for investors who want to make money through managed accounts.

Create an account
Creating an account is quick and easy. Click the confirmation link sent to your email and your account will be active.
Choose your investment plan
The next step is to choose your investment plan on your dashboard. There are a variety of investment plans which are fully managed by our team of expert traders.
Collect your profits
We trade every day and that means you will see your account balance increasing by the day. You can withdraw your profits any time. Just place your withdrawal request and our finance team will process it withing 1 hour.
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What you should know about Managed Trading Accounts

There are many investors out there who have no time to learn trading but would like to make money through trading. We have made it easier for all people to multiply their capital by trading on their behalf. his is what managed trading accounts have been created for